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100 best

Thank you to Nicholas Purcell and the folks from the Australian wedding photography blog Mr & Mrs Weddings, for including  me in a list with so many world class photographers. Most of them I admire for their incredible work myself. The people behind the wedding photography blog Mr & Mrs Weddings named me one of […]

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  • Tamara Wilson - He just amazes me with his talent:)

  • Bernd Hillebrecht - In simple words: It’s about time……you truly deserve it!ReplyCancel

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Bamboo art

Just one frame from last week. Incredible exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The artist Kenichi Nagakura expands the Japanese tradition of bamboo baskets, moving beyond the functional into the realm of abstract sculptural forms. A great opportunity to take my Leica out for a ride and shoot some film.

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